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Proper mowing techniques provide the finishing touch to a well maintained, healthy lawn. Mowing safety and mowing height are 2 important aspects for a well maintained lawn.

Mowing Safety means always checking the area for debris or other items that could cause problems if struck. That includes scouting the area for any wildlife that may have moved in since the last time your mowed.

Mowing height depends on the type of grass that you have. The general rule of thumb is to never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade at one time. This leaves plenty of grass stem for the plant to create enough food to maintain itself, and you get a well trimmed lawn.

Sharp blades are also a crucial step in maintaining a healthy lawn. You should have your blade sharpened at least once a season or more. A sharp blade cuts the tip of grass, while a dull blade rips the tip off. You can tell the difference immediately. The sharp blade produces a smooth edge, while the dull blade leaves a ragged edge that quickly turns brown and gives your lawn a yellowish tint.


It is best to water the lawn until runoff just begins, and avoid watering each day. The number of times to water each week depends on how long the irrigation system can run before water just starts to puddle or run off the soil surface laterally. For example, if a grass needs 40 minutes of irrigation each week, but runoff begins after 20 minutes, then water twice a week for 20 minutes.

The best time to water is early in the morning, when evaporation rates are lowest and water pressure is at its peak. Irrigating in the afternoon is wasteful because of higher evaporation rates, and prolonged damp conditions in the evening may encourage disease development.

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